• Low Commisions

    Since there are Low Selling
    Agent Commissions, you
    Save Big Money when you
    Sell your Home with ABC Realty.

    Statistical Reports

    Get detailed statistics
    and reports to see how
    well your listing is performing
    all at no extra cost to you.

    Click To See Some Sample Reports

    Virtual Tours

    Our virtual tours are
    high quality 360 tours
    with music and interactivity.
    (Not a slide show of pictures.)

    Click To See A Sample Tour
  • Yard Signs That Work

    Includes number that potential
    buyers can call to hear a
    description of your property.

    Dial 888-950-3726 x9001 to listen
    to a sample talking property

    Status Updates

    Weekly updates are sent to
    you by email giving you full
    reports on how well the listing
    is performing.

    Professional Experience

    From our professional staff to our
    remarkablereputation, ABC Realty
    brings years of experience to the
    table. Make us your #1 choice for
    all your real estate needs.

want another option?

ABCFlatFee.com, Try it Now and See How Much Money
you can Save using ABC Realty's Flat Fee System.

Home Value:
Sell to a Independent Buyer with No Agent
Sell to Buyer with a Buyer's Agent
Traditional Agent:
$18000.00 ( 6% Commission For Both Agents )
$749.95 ( Flat-fee, No Commission )

Happy Customers Say It Best


Hamden, CT.

“ Sold in 6 hours! Piece of cake!
Sold to the first couple that looked
at the house the very morning the
ad came out! Simply superb!"


Bristol, CT.

“ I would definitely recommend
ABC Realty. Love the fact that I
did not have to pay any
commissions to agents."

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